Spanish Lessons SF Bay Area and On Messengers

In-Person Spanish Lessons in the Bay Area or Online. Great Prices, Discounts and Results

Private, one-on-one lessons and self-formed groups. In person or online for students desiring a focused and customized Spanish course.  Start speaking on your third month of lessons -Guaranteed! Fun, Friendly and Affordable.  Personalized teaching tailored to You. All over the Bay Area. Get my Specials. 

The lessons are designed and taught by Francisco Gonzalez, an independent Spanish instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience. Originally from Mexico, and also a certified Berlitz instructor and translator.

Courses are tailored to you and incorporate your interests, goals and needs. Whether you desire to learn or improve your Spanish for travel, school, culture, medicine, law, relocation, personal fulfillment, or simply brain exercise: I can design a Spanish course to maximize your learning. and I will be teaching you Standard Spanish. You will get a chance to become familiar with a variety of speaking situations and registers such as: travel terms, street talk, informal chat, professional conversation, or your personal goal. Francisco has a broad knowledge of the language and constantly compares conversational styles and terms.

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Lessons are given at your place of business or residence or any other of your choice. My current rate for these courses is $50 an hour.  

All new private students in SF BA get a 1st Trial Lesson at half the regular price ($38 savings for 1:30 lesson, $25 for a 1:00  hr lesson) before making any commitment.The above rate applies to San Francisco and all cities in the BA


      Your first monthly private SF BA 6 hr package or larger at 20% off.Of  course. Intensive courses get similar discounts. Si claro! por supuesto !

And everyone gets extra lessons for free after 18 hrs. (usually after the equivalent of a 3 month course, or sooner if you complete that number of hours)

Purchased packages are not refundable.

ONE REVIEW:  Highly recommended, fantastic Spanish teacher!  Francisco helped me arrange a concentrated Spanish review course for a trip to Nicaragua recently.  He worked with me to define the goals and structure of the course and did an excellent assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.  He was flexible with times (including conducting Skype sessions) and tailored the course to my specific situation, in regards to the types of interactions I would be having, my current level of Spanish and my personal goals regarding Spanish.  I really can’t say enough good things about his teaching style, which employs numerous strategies to help achieve fluency.  I look forward to working with him more in the future!                                 See on Yelp, by Kris C.


Wherever you are and Whenever you are free.

We will make use of the latest technologies and materials that make sure each session Each class package is customized and tailored to what you need and/or enjoy discussing, reading, listening to or watching

And form there we can work on pronunciation, reading, grammar & conversation by using video, chat, text and multimedia to make Spanish learning fun and  effective.

Real time-live, video, chat, text and multimedia on your favorite Messenger like:  Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Video Messenger and all others,  also some teleconferencing system you may use.

Online lessons are on video conference, Skype, Hangouts, your favorite messenger, others, and their rate is $30 an hour, in packages of 4 hrs. or more



All of the above are tailored to your interest and goals: Travel, culture, school, medical, legal, business, relocating, self fulfilling, etc.


In Francisco's Lesson everyone gets to speak Spanish
In Francisco’s Lesson everyone gets to speak Spanish


Self Formed Groups. For the time being, for group instruction, I am only giving self formed or corporate groups. Given at your place of choice.

My ongoing group rate starts at $60 an hour for self formed groups of 2 people. More students get a similar rate (usually $10 more – per hour, per person) to split the total among themselves… As the saying goes: the more the merrier!

Corporate Groups are given at your facilities all over the Bay Area. Please contact me directly for a personalized quotation starting at $100 an hour

 With me, you pay the same or less than a monthly group course at any school. But…  – you end up Paying Less-  than for any course in any school with an average of 4 to 8 more students… since that size makes those courses longer and less productive for you.

 And you may customize your private lessons based on your schedule, budget, and goals
  • I would be glad to help you speak the language at the best at your current level and increase it also within a good period of time.
  • I specialize in conversation and will be glad to help you prepare to speak the language
  • Get a discount on your first course and free lessons or another discount on a regular basis from your third month/course on… 
  • I will prepare a complete quote of your personal course once we explore the possibilities that best suit your goals, objectives, and all logistics factors like number of meeting monthly

And Yo will Keep making progress toward your goal, no matter your level. We will make use of the latest technologies and materials in each course. Each class is customized and tailored to what you need.   We work on pronunciation, grammar, culture, but above all conversation confidence … 

Gracias y Hasta Pronto!