Online-Live Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish Lessons

Real time-live, video, chat, text and multimedia on your favorite Messenger like:   Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video messenger and all others,  also some teleconferencing system you may use.


Wherever you are and Whenever you are free.

We will make use of the latest technologies and materials that make sure each session Each class package is customized and tailored to what you need and/or enjoy discussing, reading, listening to or watching

And form there we can work on pronunciation, reading, grammar & conversation by using video, chat, text and multimedia to make Spanish learning fun and  effective


For the Busy individual or less accessible areas, anywhere, anytime.

  •           Get my Initial Promotional Deal:
$150 for 4 (one hour and a half) lessons on line lessons (save 10%, that is $ 135  for the first month)

You can also get a 4 hr package at at regular price: $100. And  to Start: Take a virtual trial Spanish Lesson at half price with your experienced instructor


video, chat, text and multimedia