Spanish Lessons in the SF Bay Area and on Skype or any IM


World in Spanish offers private, one- on-one lessons for students desiring a focused and customized Spanish course of study either in person or online. Since we specialize in teaching Spanish conversation, we are experts at improving your ability to speak the language in a reasonable time period. Most study material will be included





Whether you are focused on learning Spanish to travel, need a tutor for school, explore the culture, work in medicine or law, relocating, or just for personal enjoyment:





Wherever you are and whenever you are free, you can now take a Spanish lesson online! Classes are ­live and real-time via video employing chat and multimedia features using your favorite technology: skype, facetime, facebook, or any other. Ask about first course discounts. Start improving your Spanish today!


As good, or better than in-person


  • Francisco is very patient and kind and has a great sense of humor.  My ability to speak Spanish with confidence and fluidity has improved dramatically.  He’s really good at meeting you at whatever level you’re at and tailoring the tutoring sessions.  A great tutor and a great person.   – Maya B.  San Francisco

  • I highly recommend Francisco as a Spanish Tutor. Frank is very flexible and adjusts his teaching to meet your needs. I’ve taken classes in person and online for two years. People have commented on how improved my Spanish is since taking classes with Frank.   – Ana C.  Oakland

  • Francisco’s onsite and online classes are fun and effective in learning Spanish. I take his classes over Skype, in the library and in cafes and they’re always a good mix of conversation, grammar and reading. I’m learning a lot!  He’s a personable, funny and thorough teacher. Very highly recommended!   – Karen L.   San Francisco

  • As someone who previously studied abroad for 1 year in Chile in an immersion program and taken 8 years of high school + university-level Spanish, I really wanted an instructor willing to customize private lessons. Francisco’s teaching methods exceeded my expectations.    – Justin A.   San Francisco

  • I am learning basic Spanish from Francisco, and am very happy with his teaching methods. He is also very flexible and is patient with my mistakes. I strongly recommend him.   – Mark K.   San Francisco 

  • Francisco has a great grasp of English-Spanish idioms.  Since I’m a fairly advanced student, this has really helped me improve my Spanish even more! In addition, his attitude is great–you can tell he enjoys what he does and really wants to help you improve your Spanish.   – C.L.  San Francisco

  • Francisco helped me arrange a concentrated Spanish review course for a trip to Nicaragua recently.  He worked with me to define the goals and structure of the course and did an excellent assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.   – Kris C.  San Francisco


If you do business in Latin America. Let World in Spanish design a course that matches your company’s or small group’s needs. We can provide the lessons in your office anywhere in the Bay Area, and of course online for any employee. We will use only state of the art resources. Contact us today to discuss options and pricing.

Get the best Spanish Level

Get the best Business Spanish Level