Rates and Promotions

Real Effective Conversation in Spanish From very Basic Level on, and up to very Advanced Levels (since I am a certified translator, too)

Fun, Friendly and Affordable Lessons – Standard Spanish and the main regional varieties.

Current Rates  


(Private: One on One lessons)

My rate for private lessons is very competitive to similar services and quality, and they include all study material: your book and audiovisual material. Great Discounts and Free extra time


Discounted Packages In Person CoursesRegular monthly courses

Payment Information:   

Courses are scheduled on a monthly basis, for an packages of  4, 6, 8 or 12 hrs of instruction or more. We scheduled dates together for a month period, and you can make changes on dates with a 24 hr. notice.

CORPORATE LESSONS (One on One and Groups):

You are invoiced at the beginning of each month of classes and agree on payment policies (time and method). Individual Lessons and Groups can be given at your facilities all over the Bay Area.

Please contact me directly for a personalized quotation starting at $100 an hour, for 1 to 3 participants. Adding $25 for each additional one. And leveling off at $200 for 8 to 15 participants.

In Francisco’s lessons ‘everyone’ takes charge of their best level…


Via video conference on free programs like:  Skype, Google Hangouts, Yahoo, Whatsapp, other messengers  for the Busy individual or less accessible areas, anywhere, anytime.

GIRL ON LINEGet my Initial Promotion Deal:

US $150 for four one hour and a half  lessons online, that is a $30 savings. You can also get a 4 hr individual package at a regular price: $120. And to Start: Take a virtual trial Spanish Lesson at half price $ 15. with your experienced instructor  video, chat, text and multimedia. 

Group lessons on this modality start at $40 an hour.

Join me there

FIND ME ON DUOLINGO NOW: if you are already subscribed or want to try it, join me

Here: intro’ to Latinos, plazas and greetings, from my  YouTube Channel:

Your very first lesson in Latino Culture and language of course

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