First Steps

My Spanish Conversation Courses will help you speak the language in a reasonable period of time, with fluency, confidence, and content that is clear, accurate and adapted to your level of proficiency at different times of your learning process.

Each of us can achieve this at a different pace.

I will make use of the knowledge you have previously acquired, either in a formal setting, like school, or by studying on your own. Perhaps some of you have been learning by simply listening, watching and reading Spanish around you – California anyone?

If you have done some previous work at all, it would be a good idea to include some of the material you have previously used in our new course. This means that if you have an old notebook, book, CD’s, and maybe an old Spanish­-speaking friend… you should dust them off and bring them to class.

This reminds me of an important principle I use throughout my courses, which is to make use of all that previous knowledge you have acquired by building upon it as the foundation, which increases the pace at which we make progress at the beginning of our course. But if you are an absolute beginner, we can work together, too.

I will have you speak in months… How this works:

We recommend at least one 1.5 hour lesson weekly as a regular pace, or maybe 1 hour twice a week for a slightly accelerated learning, my basic courses objective is to have students learn the basics of conversation, the general principles of the language and reading/writing.

Students often see results in a 3- 4 month period at a regular pace or 3 months at an accelerated pace. At either pace, we instill confidence in the students to start speaking the language only after 5­-6 lessons per student at the lastest.


Each course is programmed to last 3-4 month, and this is based in the average/recommended monthly duration of 6 hrs of instruction a month and personal practice time. These are duration and goals that I have seen are feasible after 20 years + of experience teaching adult learners.

For intensive courses, you can calculate duration with the number of total hours (in parenthesis) and possible frequency of your lessons, so calendar time is a lot shorter of course..

Get the very Best Specials ever in Spanish lessons.

Summary of my current rates:

For in-person private teaching $60 per hour

And $30 per hour for online learning