We can design a spanish course to maximize your learning and I will be teaching you Standard Spanish, at the same time you will get a chance to become familiar with a variety of speaking situations and registers such as: travel terms, street talk, informal chat, professional conversation, and personal goals like:
  • Traveling
  • School
  • Culture
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Relocation
  • Volunteering
  • Business
  • Other


One element that is as important as grammar, vocabulary, and extensive practice is ‘Confidence’ and ‘Fluency’. They are practiced and therefore increased in my courses, just as with the other language skills in the following way:
Confidence: We make it a goal from your first class and we start working on it as soon as possible with our lessons.
Fluency: Beginners get it little by little through a good amount of language learning, in the form of strong pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and study of strategies.
The following is a description of this process: After the student and teacher have established a good rapport in a course (from one to several lessons), the teacher will assess and explore the level of knowledge and skills of the student, at the same time, confidence will be established between the student and teacher, which in turn builds his/her confidence in the language and that all skills are developing.
By applying these principles even absolute beginners are able to communicate at the most basic levels, including phrases and interactions with native speakers within a couple of months, or a total of 20 hrs of lessons.
All our students get specific feedback on confidence soon after starting their course, this addresses the specific areas of improvement in these two very important areas: Spanish Structure Knowledge and Conversation.
At advanced levels, these strategies can be practiced on a regular basis and included in your lessons from day 1, this will have you speaking in months. We recommend at least one 1.5 hour lesson weekly at a regular pace, or maybe 1 hour twice a week. Students often see results in a 4 month period (20 hrs) at a regular pace or 3 months at an accelerated pace. At either pace, I instill confidence in the students to start speaking the language at a daily life level after 5-6 months.


It is very important for the student to commit to attending the number of lessons agreed upon every month. If students must reschedule, they will have a choice in the following ways:
  • Students can request a change of schedule or cancel a lesson without any charge if they contact us 24 hours in advance.
  • For cancellation, students can also contact us from 24 to 12 hours before a lesson with a charge of 50%.
  • The quoted cost is for an agreed monthly number of hours which gives students a better price than a smaller number of hours. For example, if we agree on four lessons a month (or a 4 week period), the price of these courses is different and better than a quote that only has 3, 2 or even 1 lesson a month, which will have a different quote that we can provide you if we are unable to meet our original plan of 4 weekly courses a month.
  • Courses are prepaid (that is, at the first lesson of the first month, and then and the end of each month following the initial one).
  • Courses include all study material, books, recordings, multimedia, website access and more…
  • Mention your discount and specific needs when contacting me or starting your courses. Muchas gracias !!


Take your trial class at only $30 or $45, 1 hr in person 

or 1.5 hr. in person and $15 online.